Understanding Download Casino Software

When online casinos were first launched two decades ago, the only platform available was the download platform on desktops. The Dutch online casinos that were launched then continue to offer games on the download platform along with those platforms that were developed later. In the download platform you have to first download the complete software from the web site of the online casino and install it on your desktop computer. But when you wager you will still need to be connected to the casino server via the Internet.

In many Dutch online casinos you have the option to choose between the download and instant play platforms. So that you make the correct choice based on your requirements we explain the advantages and disadvantages of download online casinos. In this section we will also explain the process of installing download casino on your computer.

Highlights & Main Points

  • In the download casino the entire suite of games will be stored on your desktop computer so you will be accessing the games locally.
  • Since the download casino is the oldest online gaming, it has the largest collection of games and this is one of its biggest advantages.
  • Over the years the number of games in download casino has increased tremendously and continues to increase making the file size extremely voluminous.
  • Online casino software was first developed for play on PCs and therefore the download platform is not compatible with Mac or other operating systems.

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How to play at download casinos

In order to initiate the downloading process you have to go to the web site of the online casino. The online casinos that we feature will guide you through this process. Each online casino might have a slightly different process. We explain here the general steps. On the home page of the web site of the online casino there will be a prominently displayed link for downloading the software. When you click on that link a pop up box will open. Click the Run option. Then follow the instructions as they appear on the screen to complete installing the software.

You are also required to register at the online casino. In order to save time you can do this while the software is downloading and installing. A simple online form will be displayed on the screen and ask for particulars like name, age, address, phone number and e-mail. It should not take more than a few minutes to fill it. The online casino will send a user ID and a password to the given e-mail address.

During the process you may be asked if you want the icon of the online casino on the desktop. You should answer in the affirmative because it is convenient for loading the casino. The first time you log in you will have to use the password given by the online casino. But as a security measure you should immediately change the password. Then you can access the games menu, select the game and start playing.

Compatibility and general system requirements

Download desktop software was developed specifically for PCs run on Windows operating system. So download casinos are not compatible with Mac or with any other operating system. The cold fact is that if you are not using a PC then you will not be able to wager on download casinos. Some techies advocate the use of utilities that make Windows apps compatible with Mac. There is no need to go for such uncertain remedies. A much better option is to use the instant play platform that all our featured Dutch online casinos offer. These are compatible with all operating systems.

The detailed system requirements are usually given in the FAQ or Help section of the online casino web site. The requirements would be somewhat different for different online casinos depending on the software providers and games portfolio size. Given here is a general system requirement based on a study of several online casinos: Pentium II 300; 64 MB memory; 56K modem connection, Windows 98 (or above); Internet Explorer 5 (or above). These requirements will be easily met by desktops and laptops released in the last few years. So this should not be a cause for concern. In addition, you will need a reliable Internet connection. Dial up connections will not work and you will need cable or ADSL connections.

Quality of download casino software

Other things being equal, the quality of gaming depends on the transmission of information between your computer and the server of the online casino. In the download casino software the games are stored on your computer. There is a minimal data transfer required that includes record of wagers and outcomes and information related to promotional activities. This helps the quality in two ways. Software providers can create games with complex features that have greater appeal. You can see this in the latest online slot games with animations, rich graphics and audio effects. The quality of game play also improves. You will not be suddenly disconnected from the online casino in the middle of a game. You will not experience jerky movement and freezing of frames. The most important is that the games will load instantly without any lag or buffering. Of all the remote gaming platforms the download casino is the most reliable and most stable.

Advantages of download casino software

Disadvantages of download casino software