Understanding Live Casinos

The regular online casino games use random number generator (RNG) simulation to create the outcomes. Particularly the RNG based table games faced two drawbacks. Despite the inclusion of dealer voices and some animation, they cannot create the action and excitement of land based casinos. There are some online casino players who have an unfounded mistrust of simulated outcomes. They would rather see the card dealt from a shoe than have the software determine it. Live casinos were developed to offset both these disadvantages.

Live casinos operate from studio casinos where there are real cards and roulette tables and human dealers managing them as in land casinos. Only the players are in remote locations, but integrated with the live casino over the Internet. Most of our featured online casinos offer live dealer games on their desktop platforms. Many of them also have live casinos on their mobile platforms as well.

Highlights & Main Points

  • Live casino games bring players sitting at home as close as possible to real casino action with real dealers operating real tables.
  • Live casinos are multi-player set ups with many players wagering on the same tables and chat functionalities that allow them to interact with each other and the dealers.
  • All live casinos offer standard land casino variants of roulette, blackjack and baccarat and many of them offer casino poker games like Hold’em Poker.
  • Unfortunately live casino games are not available for free or demo play because interaction with other players is involved and there are limited seats at the tables.

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How to play at live casinos

You start the same way by logging in to your online casino and heading for the live dealer games from the games menu. You pick the game, then the variant and then the table based on the stakes and other factors. After that the operations are different. The tables in the studio are covered by cameras from various angles and the live images are video streamed to your screen in real time. The best live casinos use high resolution graphics and clear audio. The live dealer dictates the pace of the game and you will need to place your bets before the “no more bets” call. You place the bets on your computer but will see them placed on the table. You will be able to see the bets placed by the other players as well. The cards are dealt or the wheel is spun at the studio table while you watch the outcome on your screen. The multiple cameras allow you to see close up action and full table views as well. The bets are settled in the usual manner. Then the tables are cleared for a fresh round of bets.

Variations of live casino games

Live casinos offer American variants of blackjack, like Vegas Strip Blackjack, and European Blackjack. Apart from American and French Roulette, live roulette variants include some exciting games like Immersive Roulette and Auto Roulette. Live dealer baccarat is based on Punto Banco with variations like Baccarat Squeeze. The casino poker variants include Three Card Poker and Texas Hold’em.

Most live casino variants will have tables segregated by the bet range. The high rollers will have separate tables and the low rollers will have separate tables. The high roller tables will also have shorter time intervals between bets and the low roller tables give you more time to place bets.

Strategy for live casino games

As far as gaming strategies go, there is no difference between live casino games and the RNG simulated ones. Blackjack players need to be careful of one thing. You can play RNG blackjack games at your own speed, consulting strategy cards before every move. You will not have time for this in live dealer blackjack. So you need to get your blackjack optimum strategy pat. New live casino players should start at the low roller tables where they get more time between moves.

To really enjoy live casino games you will need a fast speed Internet connection and quick computer processing capability because video data transfer is involved. There is no point playing live dealer games unless you are adequately equipped in this regard. You do not want to get the screen stuck while the game moves ahead in the studio. Different online casinos offer different facilities in their live casino games. Some live blackjack tables allow you to bet behind. This means you can back a blackjack player and will win if they win and lose if they lose. At some live casino you can play on two roulette tables at the same time. While the wheel spins on one, you place bets on the second.

Live casinos are interactive. You can chat with the dealer as you can in land casinos. You can talk about the weather or the news, but do not expect the dealers to help with your game. Many players establish rapport with particular dealers, and sometimes feel lucky with them. The best live casinos post the schedules of the dealers so you can check out when your favorite dealer will be on line.

Advantages of playing live dealer games

Disadvantages of playing live dealer games