About Macau Amusementspaleis Casino

Macau Amusementspaleis is not a casino but a gambling hall located in Amsterdam. Macau obviously refers to the gambling hot spot in China. Amusementspaleis would roughly translate as Palace of Amusements”. There are many such places in the city, but none as popular as Macau Amusementspaleis. Macau Amusementspaleis has been around for decades but has remained the same. It caters to a special and loyal clientele that values its location, informal ambience and integrity. The prime offering is slot machines thought there a few automatic roulette machines as well. Whether you are living in Amsterdam or a tourist it is worth dropping by at Macau Amusementspaleis.

Highlights & Main Points

  • Macau Amusementspaleis is a gambling hall located on Damrak which is a central and popular street in Amsterdam and therefore convenient for tourists and locals.
  • It offers limited gambling opportunities through a number of slots machines, most of which are fairly old and through automatic roulette players.
  • Macau Amusementspaleis is suited for fast paced gaming and offers no freebies, discounts, loyalty benefits or promotions and does not have any staff except for security.
  • There are several other places like this in Amsterdam and other cities of Holland and a few of them are listed in the article.

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Introduction to Macau Amusementspaleis

As a concept Macau Amusementspaleis is outdated. You can liken it to a video store lending movies when the whole world is watching them on Netflix. At Macau Amusementspaleis you do not get the glitz of land casinos or the comfort of online casinos. Yet the place offers certain advantages that a dedicated clientele keeps coming back.

Macau Amusementspaleis is located at 14, Damrak, next to the Sex Museum of Amsterdam. The Damrak is a main street that connects the Central Station to Dam Square. It is streel widely used by both commuters and tourists. Macau Amusementspaleis is also the first gambling place that you encounter on the right as you walk in from the Central Station. The huge sign board running across the entrance attracts the attention of everyone passing by. So it has extremely high visibility.

Macau Amusementspaleis is a place from the late 1980s that has been stuck in time. At that time there were no online casinos and gambling halls like Macau Amusementspaleis were a low cost and convenient option as compared to the Holland Casino establishments. Macau Amusementspaleis has retained that atmosphere with low ceilings and machines lined up. It is a sentimental choice for many regular players.

Games and benefits at Macau Amusementspaleis

Macau Amusementspaleis has a large area by Amsterdam standards. So, as compared to the crowded buzz outside, you will find that the interior of Macau Amusementspaleis is relatively quiet and roomy. The gaming offered is extremely simple. There are no tables or croupiers or staff, except for security. The security is welcome because it brings a sense of safety from untoward incidents like brawls and thefts. You only have electronic machines. Most of these are slots machines that have been there a long time. You will be able to spot a few newer cabinets. There are three automatic roulette players. These are very similar in operation to roulette games offered at Dutch online casinos.

Macau Amusementspaleis is an absolutely no frills gambling place and may even seem a bit unfriendly. You go there to gamble and only gamble. There will be no one to welcome you or guide you around or answer any questions that you may have. For some players this can be a plus point because they may get unnerved by the casino staff and guests staring at them while they are gambling. Also at Macau Amusementspaleis you will get no freebies. There is no welcome drink or no free tokens no matter how frequently or how much you wager. In fact there is no record whatsoever of your activity. If you are seeking anonymity then Macau Amusementspaleis is better than online casinos. The only entertainment available is a large television screen on the wall so you can watch sports. This allows you to follow your favorite football team while you spin a few reels.

Most of the customers at Macau Amusementspaleis are local residents or those who come to Amsterdam for work. If they are passing from near the place on the way home, they drop in for a round of gaming. There is no dress code, which is another advantage as compared to Holland Casino Amsterdam Center, which is not very far away. The gambling hall is also in the midst of the main tourist area. So Macau Amusementspaleis sees a fair number of tourists as well. You are not allowed to take photographs of the inside.

Other gambling halls in the Netherlands

Damark in Amsterdam is a hot spot. You will find other gambling halls on the street of which some others are Novo Play and Carousel Arcade. Centrum is another area in Amsterdam where you will find gambling halls or slots parlors. Some of the more popular ones are Lucky Flipper and Jack’s Casino. Novo Play has a branch in Utrecht as well.