Maestro Online Casino Banking Option

Maestro is the name of the debit card product from MasterCard. It was launched in 1992, so it has been around for about 25 years. Functionally it operates in the same manner as the MasterCard credit card, but financially it is a different transaction. The credit card lends you money to deposit at the online casino. With the debit card you need to have funds in your bank account and use them to make the deposit. Maestro is linked to your savings or checking account with the bank that issues the card. Every time you use the card, your bank account is debited before the transaction goes through.

Highlights & Main Points

  • Maestro is one of the oldest debit cards and enjoys high reputation not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world.
  • You do not have to wait at all after you complete your deposit using Maestro. You will see that the funds are instantly credited to your online casino account and you can start wagering immediately.
  • Maestro is issued by almost all Dutch banks and accepted by all our recommended online casinos, so it as option that will suffice for all your online gambling needs.
  • Not all Dutch online casinos will withdraw your winnings to your Maestro credit card. You will need to check this out with the customer support of online casinos.

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How to use Maestro credit card at online casinos

Since the bank does lend any funds to the debit card holder, getting a Maestro card is much simpler and quicker than getting a credit card. Once the Maestro card is in your hand, you should select this payment option when you are registering at the online casino. You will also be required to register your Maestro card at the cashier of the online casino. This involves giving the card number, expiry date, CVV number and sending a copy of the card. You can be assured that the CVV number will be stored on the server of the online casino in a secure manner. It will be used only for authentication of the deposit transactions. Another advantage of having the CVV number on the server is that you only have to enter the 3 digits in order to link to the card.

When you want to make a deposit you log in at your online casino head to the cashier and select the Deposit option. Then select Maestro debit card from the options displayed. You will have to enter the CVV number and the amount that you want to deposit. Maestro is linked to the MasterCard SecureCode system as an additional verification of the user’s identity. In this system you have to register a password. The deposit process will also ask you to enter that password. The system checks that the password is correct before authorizing the transaction.

Many Dutch online casinos will not permit you to withdraw funds to your Maestro debit card. In that event your withdrawals will be remitted by check. This information will be available at the online casino web site or you can contact the customer support. At online casinos that allow such withdrawals, the process is similar to deposits. You have to access the Withdrawal section of the online casino cashier and then follow the steps indicated.

There are certain restrictions on the amounts that you can deposit and withdraw. If you violate these limits then your request will be rejected, so you should be aware of them. Online casinos prescribe minimum and maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals. You bank probably will impose a maximum limit on the Maestro debit card usage. Also the balance in your bank account that is linked to the debit card should be more than the deposit amount.

Advantages of Maestro debit card

You may already be using a Maestro debit card for your offline and other online purchases. In that case, using this card at online casinos should be your first choice. You do not have to go through the trouble of registering for another payment option and learning how to use it.

Another advantage of the Maestro debit card is the speed of the deposit. As soon as you complete the transaction at the web site of the online casino, the funds will reflect in your casino account and you can start wagering immediately. You can even use Maestro debit cards from your smartphones and tablets, making the transaction even more convenient.

Because the banks do net lend money to customers using debit cards, the process of procuring debit cards is much simpler than that of procuring credit cards. So if do not have either card, it makes more sense to go for Maestro. The Maestro debit card also helps those online casino players that may have a tendency to overreach using credit cards, where they do not pay immediately.

Maestro is one of the safest online payment options. Security systems are constantly upgraded and additional security features like CVV and Maestro SecureCode have been built into the system. With Maestro you are dealing with a global organization of long standing.

Disadvantages to Maestro banking method

The biggest disadvantage of Maestro is at online casinos that do not allow you to withdraw your winnings to the card. This means that the online casino will remit your payments by check, which is usually the default option. It may be a couple of weeks before you receive the check and deposit it in your account and get the funds cleared for use.

Whereas the lack of credit is perceived as an advantage by some players, it is considered as a disadvantage by others. These players like the chance of being able to settle their credit card bills from the winnings at the online casino.