Visa Online Casino Banking Option

The origin of Visa goes back to 1975 when the International Bankcard Company acquired the operations of the Bank of America credit card program, which had failed. It named the new credit card as Visa. In 2006 Visa Inc. was created as the single company to oversee the credit card program in different regions. In 2008 the company went public and was listed on the NYSE. Today Visa cards are used in most countries around the world, including in The Netherlands. Visa credit cards have a long history and solid reputation in both land based and online operations. Not only online casinos but other online merchants also accept Visa.

Highlights & Main Points

  • Visa credit card is one of the oldest and most reputed online payment options. It has inbuilt security systems that render it absolutely safe.
  • Deposits are instantaneous with Visa credit cards so that you can start wagering at once. Since you pay at the end of the billing cycle, you will get some credit as well.
  • All our recommended online casinos accept Visa as a payment option, so you need only this single option for all your online gaming needs.
  • It is important to note that the credit is not offered by Visa Inc., but by the banks that issue the Visa cards.

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How to use Visa credit card at online casinos

In order to use Visa credit card at online casinos you must first have the card. If you have a good credit rating you can easily get one from your bank. When you sign up at your online casino, you must select Visa credit card as the payment option. Before you make your first deposit, you will have to register your Visa credit card at the online casino. You will also have to give your 3-digit CVV number. You need not worry about this, because the information will be stored in the server of the online casino and will not be accessible to anyone. Because of this, you only have to enter your CVV number when making a transaction and not the full details of the credit card. Also, the online casino checks the entered CVV number with the stored CVV number before authorizing the transaction.

When you want to make a deposit you will have to log in at the online casino with your user ID and password. Go to the cashier and select the Deposit option. You will find a list of deposit options displayed there. Select Visa credit card and you will automatically be linked with your card. You will have to make two entries. The first is the deposit amount and the second is the CVV number. You click the button to complete the deposit transaction. The bank that has issued your Visa credit card may add another security feature called Verified by Visa. After entering the deposit amount and CVV number you will be taken to the Visa portal where you enter the password that you registered at the time obtaining the card. Only if the password is correct will the transaction be accepted.

Most online casinos operating in The Netherlands will allow you to withdraw funds to your Visa credit card. For this transaction, you log in and go to the Withdrawal option at the online casino cashier. You enter the amount that you want to withdraw and CVV number and complete the transaction. The funds will be electronically credited to your Visa card as soon as the payment has been processed by the online casino

Most cases of failed payment transactions using credit cards are because of carelessness of the player. So you should guard against such mistakes. Online casinos prescribe minimum and maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals. So the amounts that you enter will have to be between these limits. Also, while making the deposit you should ensure that you do not exceeding the limit on your Visa credit card.

Advantages of Visa credit card

Visa credit card is a common online and offline payment option in The Netherlands. It makes sense for players already possessing Visa credit cards to use them at online casinos as well. You can avoid the hassle of signing up for another payment option and getting accustomed to using it.

Deposits using Visa credit cards are credited instantly in your online casino account so you can start wagering immediately. There is no banking hours and you can make deposits any time of the day. Using Visa credit cards is compatible with all mobile platforms so you can also make deposits from anywhere. This allows you to keep minimum funds with the online casino.

You have to clear your Visa credit card payment at the end of the billing cycle. This gives you limited credit as well. If you are lucky you could be paying for the deposit from your winnings at the online casino.

Visa is one of the most reputed financial service providers. The payment transactions using Visa credit cards are absolutely secure and safe. Additional security features like CVV and Verified by Visa have been built into the system.

Disadvantages to Visa banking method

Some issuing banks may treat deposits to online casinos as cash advances in the same manner as cash withdrawals from ATMs. These would then be subject to charges that will erode your bankroll. You will need to check the policy followed by the issuing bank before you go for this payment option.

If you intending to play at several Dutch online casinos then your Visa credit card details will be stored in the server of each of those online casinos. This is not a problem with the online casinos featured at our site. But some players are uncomfortable with this situation.